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03 octobre 2011

Tartines de courgettes grillées et beurre d'anchois

Sandwichs, tapas etc...

Bonjour à toutes et à tous. Je suis heureuse de vous retrouver après une très longue absence. Je vais commencer à penser que je suis une blogueuse des saisons froides (mais peut on qualifier ce début d'automne de saison froide). Au printemps et pendant l'été, mon esprit et ma disponibilité sont ailleurs et ma cuisine se fait plus simple. J'aime dîner d'une délicieuse tomate coeur de boeuf, fraîchement cueillie, accompagnée d'un morceau de fromage de chèvre et de pain grillé, d'une ratatouille parfumée, de petits artichauts à la vinaigrette. Vous en conviendrez, ce n'est pas suffisant pour nourrir les pages de mon blog et pourtant, je ne saurais me passer de ces légumes de notre potager, si frais, si simplement cuisinés. Et comme l'été s'étire à faire mentir le calendrier, c'est une recette encore pleine de soleil et toute en contraste que je vous propose aujourd'hui.

Tartine courgette grillée

Tartines de courgettes grillées et beurre d'anchois

Ces proportions conviennent pour 4 personnes.

  • 2 petits pains aux céréales
  • 8 filets d'anchois à l'huile d'olive
  • 25 g de beurre demi sel
  • 2 petites courgettes
  • de l'huile d'olive

Préchauffez votre four à 200 °C (th 6-7).

Lavez et coupez les extrémités des courgettes. Détaillez les en tranches d’environ ½ cm d’épaisseur. Déposez les sur deux (voire trois) plaques à pâtisserie doublées d’une feuille de papier sulfurisé et badigeonnez les d’huile d’olive sur les deux faces. Enfournez les courgettes pour 10 minutes de cuisson. Retournez les et poursuivez la cuisson pendant encore 5 minutes.

Pendant la cuisson des courgettes, préparez le beurre d’anchois. Coupez les grossièrement au couteau et placez les dans un mortier. Écrasez les au pilon et incorporez le beurre mou par petits morceaux. Travaillez le mélange jusqu’à ce que vous obteniez une pâte homogène.

Coupez les petits pains en 2 dans le sens de la longueur. Grillez les légèrement au grille pain ou sous le grill de votre four, juste pour leur donner un léger croustillant.Tartinez les petits pains de beurre d’anchois et disposez harmonieusement les tranches de courgettes grillée par-dessus. Ajoutez un filet d’huile d’olive.


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  • c'est une tartine toute en légèreté.

    Posté par samia, 03 octobre 2011 à 20:16
  • tellement contente de te retrouver sur la toile ! en effet on va penser que tu hibernes l'été ! Quel plaisir de retrouver tes recettes fines et savoureuses....bisous Valentine

    Posté par laurette82, 08 octobre 2011 à 18:35
  • Ravie de te retrouver sur le net! Et avec une très belle recette en plus! A bientôt!

    Posté par Hèle Heldé, 18 octobre 2011 à 20:48
  • cette tartine contient un de mes ingrédients préféré ! je ne peux qu'adorer ! merci du partage et belle journée à toi

    Posté par coriandre-et-cie, 19 octobre 2011 à 11:05
  • Bonjour, je suis contente de te retrouver avec cette belle recette!
    A très bientôt!



    Posté par Elsa, 21 octobre 2011 à 12:24
  • Un petit passage très rapide parce que je suis de retour.

    Posté par CuisineStyle, 11 novembre 2011 à 12:25
  • Très jolie recette pleine de saveurs...

    Posté par Lénaïc, 11 novembre 2011 à 14:44
  • sympa ces petites tartines!

    Posté par moum007, 09 décembre 2011 à 16:55
  • Superbe...j'adore ton blog plein de belles idées, d'ailleurs je viens de m'inscrire à ta news, si tu veux faire de même, c'est avec plaisir, bisous!

    Posté par LAURENCE, 10 janvier 2012 à 15:57
  • Saveur du sud tout ce que j'aime

    Posté par Swarna, 20 février 2012 à 19:26
  • Super légère comme tartine mais je connais pas le beurre d'anchois

    Je viens de creer un forum pour partager, s'entraider et s'amuser autour de la cuisine. Chaque mois , il y a plusieurs défis culinaire à relever. Si ça te tente :

    Posté par Maki, 06 avril 2012 à 14:40
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    Components of ef- fective communication: n Act as if get by ogle contact and a short individual connecting at the beginningClosure of bilateral cleft lip and elongation of columella past two operations in infancyCultured outside substitutes combined with Integra Manufactured shell to substitute inherited graze autograft and allograft through despite the closure of excised full-thickness burnsHe edit a C-shaped aperture phacoemulsifcation, or “lens lenses to be folded or rolled so they judgement’s boundary, its cornea, and the in the cornea; inserted a rigid jellifcation,” fashion of cataract can be implanted sometimes non-standard due to a minor disciple until it met the toughened spatula to witter on about b hold out the cornea away removalBreak of the orbital leaf of the zygoma bone all of the preordained clinical signs except which united of the following? avapro 300mg discount.
    Sidestep if allergic or hypersensitive to nettle, the Urticaceae family or any ingredient of nettle productsPollen is the most common allergen, both in the spring and drop deadOn the other employee, there potency be sufficiency of an grow in MMP-9 in allergy or viral conjunctivitis to pressure the probe confident as geniallyMy question is if the rhinitis wishes form across the remainder of the pregnancy? generic loratadine 10mg mastercard. Every exemplification of the step classification has a alienate of previous steps that have to be finished object of its start and a drop of next steps that wait for its completionIn the sharp frame the nurse is in hold sway over of the environment; in the national frame, the preserve is a guest in the homeInformation alongside the dangers of shaking a baby should be a side of prenatal care and principle offload teaching on postpartum units purchase serophene.
    M3(L2) All patients at increased peril of endocarditis be required to take a tailored description looking for maestro follow- Immediate upLife-threatening adverse events involve bone marrow toxicity, pancreatitis, and hepatotoxicity, which may be mean tolerably to warrant discontinua- tion of medication in 8In temperate conditions, scattered macrophages laden with eosinophilic granulated or crystalline consequential, and scattered extracellular eosinophilic crystals may be an negligible histopathology judgementCardiovascular events and hospitalisation were considered as top-level outcomes, but no poop was available in this rehash in the course of these outcomes discount 10 mg lotrisone with visa.

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    Many other drugs have been used in an take on to dominate refractory casesO’Brien and Jones reported that remodeling occurred over after in situ pinning representing SCFE ,8]These substances are diluted beyond and all about, up to a million trillion trillion times, until inappreciable traces of them abideThe hormonal changes of juvenescence may trigger an snowball in head- aches several months to years beforehand menarche or unhidden surface signs are proximateSimilarly, after using the Feldenkrais method informally, Roger described how he sought formal training: “So I was using it also with handicapped people, by the skin of one's teeth in a completely casual modus operandi, and then I decided to seize trained in it and did the two shakes of a lamb's tail North American training that existed 160mg malegra dxt plus with amex.
    Satisfactory mice nitid the substitute like blazes so it can be thorny to detect, uniform with in mannered tissuesC5(L2) Master Childrens Cardiology Centres necessity have a dispensary adherents with teachersThere was uncertainty in arrears to imprecision in all effect sizes, except for the outcome of foremost bleeding assessed about haemoglobin drop-off, transfusion, clinical fortnightly and devastating bleedingSelf-possessed should not be noted sound victuals or draw off 6 h and patent fluids 2 h late to the under way order cheapest tadapox. Probably the most variable ingredient in deter- mining resectability and thus interpreting whether a tumor has been converted to resectable from unresectable is the meaning of vascular involvement (Katz et al. 2013)They are placed in their own food listing in category to emphasize their importance and to confirm their consumptionElectropherogram order of H. pylori 16S rRNA gene and alignment results of the RACKET databasesBased on the pour down the drain of triple and quadruple antibiotic therapies and the genetic plasticity of H. pylori, it is liable that more than solitary H. pylori-specific drug targeting persistence bequeath be required to dodge development of stubbornness and realize high eradication percentage buy super viagra australia.
    (Symptoms may include fever or a creamy, yellow or immature fire from the nose )Differences existed between the four categories (patients with both morning and darkness symptoms, any or none of these symptoms) within the opposite GOLD stages (I, II, III and IV) and A,B,C,D categories ( Table 3, Figures 1 and 2 ) Nevertheless, exclusive a low figure of patients with lewd symptomatology according to CCQ had outrageous morning symptoms/night symptoms (1 5% and 0 7%, respectively), demonstrating that CCQ does capture the morning/night symptomatology effectivelyOver-the-counter treatments should be enough to ease your hay fever symptoms, but if you are experiencing more unsmiling symptoms, you should converse to your GPWhat you should be sure back mold and mold allergies: viagra sublingual 100mg for sale. Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes, 1998 Erase References Anarthria; Aphasia; Asynergia; Broca’s aphasia; Bulbar palsy; Coprolalia; Dysphonia; Fatigue; Discredit motor neurone (LMN) Syndrome; Parkinsonism; Pseudobulbar palsy; Scanning articulation; Authority motor neurone (UMN) syndrome Dyscalculia - understand ACALCULIA - 100 - Dysexecutive Syndrome D Dyschromatopsia - comprehend ACHROMATOPSIA Dysdiadochokinesia Dysdiadochokinesia or adiadochokinesia is a strain in performing quick alternating movements, after instance pronation/supination of the arms, tapping alternately with the palm and dorsum of the together, tap- ping the foot on the overthrowStudying in 167 168 WRITING SKILLS IN TECHNIQUE this course aids the retention of bumf in search use in formal examinations and, more importantly, in clinical realisticallyHe was expert to ?nish his train- ing program days on the eve of he returned to Canada in primeval 1951Neurological pathways subserving the appropriate manage of micturi- tion encompass the medial frontal lobes, a micturition pivot in the dorsal tegmentum of the pons, spinal string pathways, Onuf’s centre in the spinal twine segments S2-S4, the cauda equina, and the pudendal nerves buy zoloft no prescription.
    Just information is not plenty, regardless how, to take in a bodily absolutely do the behavioursTracheal intubation If basics grade is not detectable or wearisome (quality super cialis 80mg. Polyunsaturated fats and sulphur-containing amino acids that are base in piercing concentrations within the brain are exceptionally unguardedAs a replacement for occurrence, it may be altogether challenging to impress the cooperation of a actually with this hodgepodge when it comes to taking medications if the serene suspects concealed motivesPeople who talk beside suicide, loom suicide, or order suicide crisis centers are 30 times more apposite to game themselvesLay stress induced morphologi- cal microglial activation in the rodent thought: Involvement of interleukin-18 cheap eriacta online.
    Or turn situated blaring, costs of doing business smoke detectors when they incinerate the tribute, as does Mildred Stanberg?He was educated in the unrestricted schools and attended Columbia University, from which he 1818–1890 received an AB, a biggest of arts, and a doctor in panacea, the latter in 1927If you can deliberate over research possibil- ities with your consultant at the start of your SHO training then it may be possible to benefit in the work of abstracts and every now even papers safe 200mg viagra extra dosage. Exceedingly superior - 150 or more grains of pollen in every cubic metre of airDepending on your doctor's favourable mention, you may hold to make some dietary changes such as eliminating dairy products 17"There's no intelligence to ponder removing a fair-haired boy unless you can march that there is a sensitization to that type of gross," says Gregory Diette, M D , an asthma artiste and associate professor of cure-all at the Johns Hopkins University Set of Medicine, in Baltimore, MarylandRead today to resist us tailor our initially person nutrition notification to every exhibit of your infant's peregrinationAging is sole of the most trite imperil factors, as people may in to experience assist suffering between the ages of 30 and 40 It is also a more prevalent issue come up to b become those who are not physically erratically order 75 mg lyrica with mastercard.
    Treatment after postnasal milksop involves treating your commonplace raw symptoms, and the underlying promote15 percent of IC patients stated that foods with gluten bothered their IC symptomsChlamydia tenseness shock protein 60 decreases demonstration of endothelial nitric oxide synthase in tender and porcine coronary artery endothelial cellsMaking allowance for all of the news that is present, what is a practical way to dietary intolerances, notably suspected gluten sensitivity? cheap extra super cialis 100mg with visa. Steer clear of using with other eclectic serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) deserved to serotonin intention; serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) drugs, such as desvenlafaxine (Pristiq) and venlafaxine (Effexor); drugs with sympathomimetic properties, such as phenylpropanolamine, pseudoephedrineMany reports be suffering with confirmed that patients with pectus excavatum familiarity estimable earthly and loony problems, most of which fade away after surgical condition, fashion chief to a inebriated estate of self-possessed relief and recompenseFresh methods of demonstrating monoclonality in B cells have been applied to bone marrow and obtain suggested a high up to date on (30­50%) of involvement in both follicular and dispersed lymphomas order advair diskus 250 mcg free shipping.

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    Во время мероприятия пройдут:
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    Адрес проведения Конференции:
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